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where does nicole scherzinger live

“We had quite a machine behind it, so things happened very focused and very fast,” says Scherzinger. And then afterwards, it’s up to the contestants. She saw doctors, but it was only towards the end of the Dolls, when Scherzinger was in her early 30s, that she started to put her issues behind her. “Nothing. Nicole Scherzinger The most sexism she has ever encountered has been while in the company of high-profile ex-boyfriends, she says; Lewis Hamilton is implied, although she does not … “I was probably a bit afraid of him, but now? It’s hard to think that someone can take someone else’s life. “That really upset me, I won’t lie about that. “A lot of that stole the joy of what I was doing, because I was living in a very dark world. “Yeah,” she says quietly smiling to herself. “I think there’s something to be said for leaving a little bit for the imagination. Nothing else will ever happen to you, because you’re dead. She does not call herself a feminist (“I’m just for women. Reviews condemned or celebrated the “fantasy of a girl group that’s only in it for sex” (to quote from one that was very much in favour). Turn me down to my face, at least, and they didn’t.” In that light, I say, the Broadway nights seem like she is getting her own back. It made me pissed off.”, It is not as if she has not been tested. I was devastated.”, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s wife Madeleine comforted her over the phone, the couple being “like family” to her in London, she says (Lloyd Webber’s “absolute twot” comment behind them, then). “How I define myself?” she had repeated incredulously. The Pussycat Dolls’ hyper-sexualised image also captured the collective imagination. I’m a massive fan of all the cool kids out there, I’m not going to judge them. Tickets available from, Wildly entertaining! I just know, for myself, I like to try to be a little bit more … I don’t want to say demure, I sound like a prude – classy?”, Although Scherzinger was born in Honolulu (and is of Filipino and Hawaiian-Ukrainian descent), she grew up in Louisville, Kentucky, and was brought up Catholic; she says she still attends church at least twice a week, either in person or online. She has never even kissed anyone in a music video, while now, “people sucking each other’s faces off and dry-humping – it’s everywhere, you know?”, She mocks herself a little for clutching her metaphorical pearls – while drinking tea and wearing a cardigan – but admits that a part of her is quite traditional. The way that people looked at and treated them, and then how they looked at and treated me by his side; I just thought it was sexist. Don’t Cha by Pussycat Dolls ft Busta Rhymes. Now I’m very headstrong about my views and what I have to say.”, Yet Scherzinger’s own career as a solo artist never quite took off, peaking with Don’t Hold Your Breath in 2011 (which knocked Someone Like You by Adele from UK No 1). “It’s not going to be a walk in the park. Scherzinger was nominated for an Olivier award for her turn as Grizabella in the West End revival of Cats in 2014, and was set to reprise the role on Broadway two years later before pulling out at the last minute. “In the past I’ve said you can never work too much.”. Legs curled up beneath her on the sofa, snakeskin stilettos kicked to the side, she is visibly more relaxed than a few days ago, and excited about going to see Lizzo perform later on. The X Factor is actually worth watching again, Nicole Scherzinger: ‘I was living in a very dark world – either working or tormenting myself’, Nicole Scherzinger: ‘Anything that’s worth having is going to take work.’, t takes a lot for Nicole Scherzinger to burn out,” says Nicole Scherzinger, X Factor judge, Broadway singer, Pussycat Doll, and celebrity face of yoghurt; and I believe her. I was either working or tormenting myself.” That is why she says she has always been in favour of a Dolls reunion: “I didn’t get to enjoy it before.”. She discusses body image, online abuse, success and Simon Cowell, Last modified on Mon 2 Dec 2019 10.31 GMT, “It takes a lot for Nicole Scherzinger to burn out,” says Nicole Scherzinger, X Factor judge, Broadway singer, Pussycat Doll, and celebrity face of yoghurt; and I believe her. Nicole Scherzinger Facts. Scherzinger rolls her eyes at the reminder that they had been fined for public indecency while performing in Kuala Lumpur. Then she had said she was “very relatable”, and I’d hoped my scepticism hadn’t registered on my face. “I was very conservative. Guess what happens when you die?” She meets my eyes with fierce focus. I just wanted to make my mother proud.”. We are at the Rosewood hotel in Holborn, London, picking up where we left off a few days ago, when our interview had ended after half an hour due to a meeting being brought forward. How does Scherzinger think Don’t Cha will be received in this era of mainstream feminism, when pop stars are more concerned with building women up (if sometimes superficially, at least) than stealing their boyfriends? Doll parts … Nicole Scherzinger as Grizabella in Cats. “We can choose to beat ourselves up or go back to those old patterns, or we can choose to learn and grow and evolve and be like: ‘I’m going to have to rewire my brain’.” She returns regularly to this theme: that self-love, success, even happiness are all down to a decision, then determination. Nicole was born, when her mother was 18 years old. “We all have a choice,” Scherzinger says firmly. “This is still a massive, huge platform. The Pussycat Dolls are back, and their main singer is determined to enjoy it. “I don’t have a good memory, and I remember that audition like it was yesterday,” she says. I want to be on my 15th world tour.”, The fact that she isn’t, Scherzinger says, is partly a reflection of her social anxiety and her reluctance to be “more of a fame whore, as people call it”. In late October she staged two intimate performances for about 150 members of the Broadway community to showcase another side of her as an artist, with plans to repeat it in London. When we first met, I had asked Scherzinger, 41, how she defined herself; what the through line was in the projects she took on, from Lloyd Webber to Müller. “Guess I got balls.”. It’s been for ever since I’ve put out music, and that’s difficult for me, especially when I always set such high expectations for myself. “Absolutely,” she says. “I pretty much executive-produced those records. “I just wanted to be given a fair opportunity – then you can turn me down. “I feel like it was the catalyst, like we were at the forefront of all that.

“All the guys worship them, then they look at me like I’m on the bottom of someone’s shoe. Nicole uses her step-father’s surname. Scherzinger put together One Direction as a guest judge at the show’s peak (“I remember saying: ‘They will be undeniable to girls’”); now The X Factor: Celebrity is registering its lowest-ever ratings. “I mean, you can’t baby these people,” says Scherzinger impatiently. She traces the Pussycat Dolls’ lineage back through the Spice Girls’ girl power and the “empowering” pop of En Vogue, TLC and Destiny’s Child(I Don’t Need a Man, which Scherzinger wrote, was inspired by Independent Women Pt 1).

And honestly, this past week was probably one of my hardest weeks of my life.”.

She smiles, the Pussycat that got the cream. The week before we speak, in early November, her cousin was killed in a hit-and-run accident in Florida, and “because my mom took on the stress of that, she was put in the emergency room,” she says. The fact that they had been assembled from a burlesque dance troupe rarely went unremarked upon in their press. In 1999, Scherzinger was hired by Days of the New band leader Travis Meeks to contribute vocals on their self-titled second studio album and later dropped out of college to tour through the US in support of the album.

“Hey. The Pussycat Dolls were unleashed into the world in 2005, presented on their debut album PCD as a playfully predatory gang, with Scherzinger the ringleader. On 29-6-1978 Nicole Scherzinger (nickname: Cola) was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. “In the beginning, it was a massive hump for me to get over,” she says of the Dolls’ determinedly sexy image (or “joyous carnal celebration”, as that review put it). Little Mix are so successful because those girls worked their little tushies off.”. I pretty much sang an original song a cappella, standing next to the door. Her mother is in a stable condition now, but her cousin’s killer has still not been identified, says Scherzinger, growing tearful. I just don’t go on the friggin’ internet!”, The most sexism she has ever encountered has been while in the company of high-profile ex-boyfriends, she says; Lewis Hamilton is implied, although she does not identify him by name.

“It’s just a horrible thing that I would never wish upon anyone else, and it haunts me every day that … um,” – she pauses for a long time, her voice cracking – “we have no justice for him yet. She remembers, before her audition, being intimidated by other women dressed only in their underwear; she had only ever performed in lingerie while playing Velma Kelly in her college production of Chicago.

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