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villages in nkanu east enugu state

Neke is a town located in Isi-Uzo Local Government Area of Enugu State in South Eastern Nigeria. N200 per day, minimum 30 days. Nkerefi borders the council area with Ohaozara community of Ebonyi. 402141. There are 17 Local Government Areas (LGAs) in Enugu State. Questlove Supreme Podcast Soundcloud, The market is known as Orie Awgu. It serves as the Headquarters of Uzo-Uwani Local Government Area (LGA) in Enugu State, Nigeria and has a large population of over 150,000. Awgu is the Headquarters of Awgu Local Government Area (LGA) in Enugu State, Nigeria and the Headquarters of Awgu Catholic Diocese. Igbo-Eze/S . FROM IGNATIUS OKPARA, Enugu As the 2015 general election draws near, Our South - East Correspondent, IGNATIUS OKPARA, takes a critical look at the chances of the political gladiators in Enugu east senatorial district race of Enugu state, believed to be one of the most volatile zone during elections. use the following codes: READ ALSO: Abakaliki ZIP code full list by area. Ihuokpara, as one of the most prominent towns in Nkanu-East has an ancient history that cannot be ignored when Nkanu and widely, Enugu State is discussed. Babangida’s Letter To Bola TINUBU, Does The Letter Expose The Pride Of IBB? Umulokpa is a town in Uzo-Uwani LGA, Enugu State, Nigeria. Share on Facebook Follow on Facebook Add to Google+ Connect on Linked in Subscribe by Email Print This Post. Isi-Uzo is a constituent of Enugu East Senatorial Zone. Oji River is a Local Government Area of Enugu State, Nigeria to the south bordering Anambra State and Abia State. Aninri is a Local Government Area of Enugu State, Nigeria. . Enugu is usually boring whenever the students are on vacation. Other notable parts of the Waawa clan include Nkanu, Nsukka, Abia, Nike, and other communities in Enugu State. It has an headquarter located at the town of Nike-Uno. These districts represent villages made up of clans and kindred prominent to the town's social structure. It is the homeland of an Igbo subgroup known as the Edda People. It has a population of about ten thousand citizens. The town is also the Orientation Training Centre for National Youth Service corps members posted to Enugu State. Communicating For Change Pdf, The only thing that keeps enugu alive is the student/youth population, the state is filled with old civil servants with rickety vehicles. 78Disclaimer: Every Nairaland member is solely responsible for anything that he/she posts or uploads on Nairaland. Enugu State is located in the southern part of Nigeria, and its capital is located in the city of Enugu, which is also one of the biggest commercial centers in the state. For the 2012 album by Swiss band 77 Bombay Street, see Oko Town (album). Renaissance University is a private university licensed by the Federal Government of Nigeria in 2005. The major market is Nkwo Nkalagu which is located along Enugu-Abakaliki Express road. Mostly all the zone, clan, street in … Communities in Nkanu East Local Government Area include Akpawfu, Ugbakwa, Nkerefi, Mburubu, Nomeh Unateze, Nara Unateze, Owoh, Ubahu, Amaechi Idodo, Ama Nkanu, Oruku, Amagunze and Ihuokpara. Create Pdf From Images Android Programmatically, Javascript Remove Event Listener After Firing. Ozara is a prominent town in the Nkanu West Local Government Area of Enugu State, Nigeria. Javascript Remove Event Listener After Firing, In the pre-colonial era, the people of Neke were known as fearsome warriors who had an economic stronghold on neighboring areas. It was created on October 1st, 1996 amongst other local government areas in the then new Ebonyi state by the military government of General Sani Abacha. Location of Enugu South Local Government Area. Tully Cast, The postal code of the area is 491. Its first capital was Calabar. Aninri. It has an area of 795 km² and a population of 148,774 at the 2006 census. N48,000 for 12 months ( You save N24,000) N27,000 for 6 months. use the following Enugu State ZIP codes: In Enugu North, the following postal codes are used: For districts in Enugu South, the following codes are used: If you reside in Ezeagu L.G.A., then these codes should come in handy: The following codes apply to the respective districts in this area: What about the towns and villages in Enugu Nigeria? It is composed of many autonomous communities and towns which include: Ebunwana Edda, Nguzu Edda, Ekoli Edda, Owutu Edda, Amangwu Edda, Oso Edda, Etiti Edda, Ogbu Edda etc. The town is bordered on the North by Ugbawka, on the north east by Mburubu, Oduma on the south east and Nenwe on the south west. Enugu and Ebonyi States are sometimes referred to as the ' Wawa States'. Oduma is the largest of the five with a population of approximately 60,000 inhabitants at the 2006 census. Required fields are marked *. This list is organized by Cities, areas, districts, clan, zone and street. Nkwo Nike. The Catholic Cathedral is said to resemble a space ship when viewed with Google Earth. Usfl Stars, Bordered by towns such as Nike, Ikem, Mbu, Eha Amufu, Obollo and Umu-Ero, Neke is a small town with a strong backbone. These communities are made up of about 72 villages. The community claims to be the largest community by land mass in the council area. It has an area of 476 km2 and has a population of 236,828 according to the 2006 census. Onicha is a Local Government Area of Ebonyi State, Nigeria. Nkanu West is a Local Government Area of Enugu State, Nigeria. Nkanu East is a Local Government Area of Enugu State, Nigeria, bordering Ebonyi State to the east. The local Council, that was formed around 1983 has not advanced the area very much in terms of basic amenities like good road network, electricity, hospitals, modern housing and schools. Enugu/S . Enugu. Their main language is the Ibo language but up to 70% of its populace are educated. Its headquarter is located in the town of Amagunze. It is inhabited and populated primarily by the Igbo with the city of Abakaliki as its capital and largest city. 402141. Their major occupations are farming and trading as well as emerging civil servant class. Chicago Sun-times Obituaries Today, List of villages in Enugu State. […] Shanghai Sharks Roster, How To Design A Tattoo On A Computer, The Waawa clan of Northern Igboland, also referred to as Ndi Waawa, Wawa People, are a unique sub-group of the Igbo people in Enugu and Ebonyi State, Nigeria, consisting of several communities, who all speak a unique dialect of Igbo called Waawa. Ubahu is a town in Nkanu East local Government Enugu has five villages,Omulo ,Amagu iyiogwe,Obinagu ,Nkwubo and Ihuokporo-Ogba. Marlon Wayans Siblings, Your email address will not be published. N15,000 for 3 months : Enugu East. Ezza South prior to its creation was part of old Ezza Local government area. It has a population of 383km². Each autonomous community has its own traditional ruler known as the Ezeogo, with the Ezeogo of Nguzu referred to as the Eze Edda and often seen as the overall leader. The towns within Oji River L G A are:- Inyi, Achi, Awlaw, Akpugoeze and Ugwuoba. Agu-Enyi Amachara Amagu Obuagu Ukey. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Aninri. The village head in Nkalagu is also known as Onyishi. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); “Withholding information is the essence of tyranny. They are prominent with rice and cassava farming. The State of Ebonyi was created from parts of both Enugu State and Abia State, which were the Abakaliki division from Enugu State and the Afikpo division from Abia State respectively. Nkalagu is the first town you will enter, when you are going into Ebonyi State through Enugu-Abakaliki express road. विश्व में सबसे तेजी से बढ़ती हुई हिंदी समाचार वेबसाइट है, जो हिंदी न्यूज साइटों में सबसे अधिक विश्वसनीय, प्रामाणिक और निष्पक्ष समाचार अपने समर्पित पाठक वर्ग तक पहुंचाती है। यह अन्य भाषाई साइटों की तुलना में अधिक विविधतापूर्ण मल्टीमीडिया कंटेंट उपलब्ध कराती है। इसकी प्रतिबद्ध ऑनलाइन संपादकीय टीम हररोज विशेष और विस्तृत कंटेंट देती है।. However, there are a number of towns and villages in the Southeastern part of Nigeria that go by that name "ISU". Stock Bundles, Its headquarter is located in the town of Amagunze. Its official headquarters is at Nguzu Edda, which is also the ancestral capital of the Edda people. Quarters Obunofia Ogboli Ogwumabiri Ogwunesi Ohaja Oluocha Omokwe Onoli Otikwu Ugwenesi Ululor Umuhu, Agbogwu Akwaka Amaabo Awgunta Ihite Isiama Ogidi Umuahiagwu Umuakpu Umunam, Amagu Awkunano Enugwu-Agu Uhueze Umuanebe Umuogbe Umuogodo Umuonwo Umuonyia/Umuolu Umuoriji/Umuebeke Umushike, Amata Amokolo Ofeinyi Ogwunagbo Okwenachala Umukulu Umunevota Umuonyiba Umuowo, Agboneri Enugu Enugu-Afam Eziama Ezioha Ifuteo Otokwo, Adani-Layout Agbonator-Ogba Amaorji Awa-Layout-Ifite Enugwuife Eziama Ezioha Ifite Isiyi Isu-Uga Mgbidi Ododa Oferite Ogba-Ugwunator Ogwugwu Ogwumgbidi Umuagu Uwakpu, Amaebe Amaeke Ifite Obiagu Ofenugu Ogbuanywu Ugwuafor, Abaugwu Ama Amagu Ebenebe Enugunato Ndahe Obuo Ogwuagbom Uhueze Umuabuzoukwu Umude 25 Umuna Umuoji/Amabor, Mbio Odume Ortor Umuatubo Umuawusi Umuisime Umuobene, Ngne Ugbo Ogba Ogbase Oyibo Umu-Onaga Ugbookpara Uhu Ome, Amagu Ihite Obulo Okpesi Ugwuanya Umuagwu Umuokpara, Agbogazi Ako Akpoga Alulu Amoji Amokpo Azama Edem Effokwe Emene Ibeagwa Ije-Amaowelle Nbulunjodo Nchetanche Neke Odenigbo Nekeuno Ngwuomu Nkwubo Nokpa Obinagu Onuogba Onyohu, Adaeze Amankpa Farm Settlements Obinagu Ogbodogo Okpuhu Ugwunkwo Umunagbo Umunnameze Umunonu Utazi, Amagu Atagwu Okwu/Obeahu Umuanigu Ugwu Umuatogbo-Owa, Amagu Awkunanaw Isiagu Iside Ndiaga Ndiagbana Ndiugbo Sata Ugwuafa Ugwuagba Umuedeachi Umunugwu Umuogo, Amagu Amauzam Ngine Nkpofia Obinagu Obodou Vulu Uzamagu Uzamdun, Amuzam Isiagu Ndiaga Ochufu Onuba Ugboba-Ani Umunnaji Ngene Umunnaugwu, Ezedume Ezema IMEZI Ogwofia Okunito Umuaji Umudim, Idume Obodo Ngbogbo Umu-Matu Umuodama Umuojor, Amansiode Ndiagu Amansiodo Imeze Ihuonyia Ndibenifi Ndibinagu Amansiodo Ndiuno Ugwuanya Umugwu Amansiodo, Amagu Enugwu Ezeonyia Ndibunagu Obunagu Owoloti, Agulu Aguoba-Obelagu Evazu Okpuata Okpudo Omughu Ozono Ugwuakulu Umuagbo Umuakan Umuene Umueze Amaji Umusulu, Ihuezi Okposi Umuawo Umueze Umuezeagu Umuonaga, Amaetiti Imama Ndiabo Obiagu Umuanaobu Umuani Umuohaoku, Idume Ogodo-Ngbogbo Umu-Ulatu Umuani Umuavaka Umuodama Umuojor, Amabokwu Amogwu Ejuonu Mgboko Nua Obie Offienyi Ohemuje Orda Oshigo Ugwuegede Ugwunani Umueme Umuezike Use, Aguakwegbo Amandu Amanonucha Amaotu Ohumofia Ozeachara Ukopi, Akpuato Amagwu Amanefi Idoha Nkpologwu Ukwaja Umudulo Umufiagu Umurusi Uwani Abaka, Aba-Agu Abaraoji Aji Atikor Ekenya Ero-Aguafor Ezenweze Ezike Oduma Oduma Agu Ogboghinya Okele-Owo Okpala-Obaka Onazi Onazi-Uno Onyiro Oshowu Oyijerewu Uda-Enugwu-Ezike Ugbuagbo-Onyeke Umuagada Umuida Umuogbo-Agu Umuogbo-Inyi Umuogbo-Uno Uroahi Enugwu, Amaebo Amankpu-Ibagwa Amebi Ndaba Echezma Ibagwa Idi Ibagwa Ishi-Agu Ndaoma Ngwunyi Ndioka Nsu Ibagwa Owerri Ibagwa Umuagru Umuelo, Amachall Enugu Amufie Enugu Ezike Igbelle Enugu Ikpiga Enugu Imufu Enugu Olido Enugu Uda Uroshi, Amaja-Enugwu-Ezike Ekposhi-Enugu-Ezike Enugu-Ezike Enugwu Ezike Ezillo-Enugwu-Ezike Ibagwa-Aka Enugwu-Ezike Igogoro-Enugwu-Ezike Ikpamodo-Enugwu-Ezike Mkpamute Ofodo-Enegwu-Ezike Ognutee-Enugwu-Ezike Okpo-Enugwu-Ezike Onicha Umuogbo-Ekpshi Umuopu-Enugu-Ezike, Ajuona Ogbueke Ovoko Owerre-Eze Ubiam-Aye Umuavulu Umuegogidaka Umueko Umuidu Umunakata Umuoroko, Akyi-Iheaka Eke Utara-Iheaka Like Iheaka Ugo-Iheaka, Achebulo-Iheakpu Amaenyije Iheakpu Edem Iheakpu Ngwuola-Iheakpu Okolo-Iheakpu Ororu-Iheakpu Umuata-Iheakpu Umujoju-Iheakpu Umunjaba-Iheakpu Umuokwu-Iheakpu Umuori-Iheakpu, Amakpuru Amobo Ejikanaejima Itchi-Agu Itchi-Oha Okan Umuakaenyi Umuogbu Unadu, Agbonkuru Edembekwu Emoha Okpaligbo Ukwu-Okpe, Ama Aho Ovoko Ama-Agu-Ovoko Ama-Ajim-Ovoko Amachalla-Ovoko Amahab -Ovoko Amaja-Ovoko Amani-Ovoko Amaoboada-Ovoko Amofia-Ovoko Aza-Ali Ibeku-Ovoko Ogbodo-Ukwu Ogwudo-Ovoko Ohagu-Ovoko Udunwagu-Ovoko Ukwuakpu-Ovoko Umu-Ezeavlu-Ovoko Umu-Jumuta-Ovoko Umu-Ogida-Ovoko Umu-Oroko-Ovoko Umu-Shire-Ovoko Umualiogwu-Ovoko Umuashi-Ovoko Umuezeoka-Ovoko Umugbabo-Ovoko Umujioha-Ovoko Umukada-Ovoko Umuodu-Ovoko Umuogburu-Ovoko Umuogbuuru-Ovoko Umuogene-Ovoko umuoshigi-Ovoko Uuuogegwu-Ovoko, Achara Amaekwuru Amaozu Amikwo-Ulo Ete Ete Nawa Okajara Umu-Orogbo Umuagba-Okazi Umuagbado Umuede-Odoga Umugbado-Odicha Umuodobo Umuona, Abor Agu-Amede Amede Ape-Mgbuji Ihanyi Isu Mgbuji Orokoro Umuhu Umujoovu, Abbia Amu-Aram Amudam Iken-Nkwo Odomogwo Ogor Umu-Aja, Mbu-Agu-Udene Mbu-Ajona Mbu-Akpoti Mbu-Akpuoga Mbu-Amon Oka-Egbera Ugwuoke-None, Akpani Isienu Neke Obegu-Aba Umuegwu Umugwu, Aliyi Umu-Idiji Umuenyi-Ogodo Umueze-Boko Umueze-Ogbu, Aniyi Enuvu-Egu Oicha-Agu Okeani Omuno Osu Ukkwukani Umu Okpara Umunevo, Amagu Amaofia Isiogbo Umuaja Umueragu Umueze Umuiba Umuokpalagene, Akanfu Amankanu Emuoku Ezi Nkerefi Ezinachu Ezza Nkerefi Ihuagbu Ihuagu Ihuawako Ihuokpara Imeoha Iruka Isinga Mbanaocha Mburubu Obodo Agbulu Obodoukwu Obunu Obuoffia Onueke Umueze-Awk Umuezeoche Umuikan Umunama Umuogbui Umuogodi, Amaigbo Amukabi Imama Uhuafor Uhuoji Umuchukwu, Amaeke Eziobodo Isiewu Ndiaguagu Obinagu Ohuani, Amafor Amainyi Amiagwo Mbogodo Obeagu Ogbeke Ukuruta Uwani, Amagunnajiukwu Atakwu Obeagini Umuetugbuoma Umuokwuo Umuuba, Enugu Obe Obodo ukpa Umuenenta Umuike Owo Umungutowo Umunowo, Amafor Amanko Ameke Ana-Akpu Eziobodo Ogirishi Orji, Amafor Amankwo Ekeaku Ndiagu-Nnajiori Njwuaja Onuobo Onuorie Ubogu, Amaede Ameke Ani Amuhu Eziobodo Ihunekeman Obinagu, Amachi Amaigbo Enugu-Agu Ezi Obeagwu Umuokolouba, Ajuona Aka-Utara Amala Ukwuokpeye Umushere, Agbamere Ama Okpara Amaechi Elu Amundi Eha Isienu Ogbodo Elu Ogbodu Okanya Ukwuaji Umude Uwani, Acharichankpume Agudele Ogwuoroko Ugwu-ohugu Uzoanyinya, Agbo Ajuona Akautara Akpotoro Eluagu Ikwoka, Achara Agbo-Enugu Agbo-Ogazi Amaogbo Ohuno Onene Ugwaka Uwani, Achiagu Adu Agbadalna Ahani Akwu Amaetit Amankpunator Egwu Achi Elhuhe Enugu Achi Ihe Isikwe Nkpokoro Umumba, Abo Amagu Egbe-Agu Ofechem Ofemili Umudim Umuokpara, Agbalidi Akwu Alaocha Nkwerre Alum Amankwo Enugu-Inyi Nkwerri-Inyi Obune Umuagu Umuome, Agbalenyi Agu-Ugwu Cenpal Dodo Ojia-Oyi Ojinato Ugwunzu, Agolo Aguabosi Agungwu Agunwu-Ogboo Efulu Egbeagu Ezi-Achi Nkpagu Obiagu Ogbudu Okpudu Okwe Uide Umalu Umualu Umuomu Updata, Ama-Ogbele Amaebo Amala-Ogbo Amankpu-Ibegwa Amaogu Amebi Ndaba Amube Enugu Echezema Enugu Ezike Ezike Ibagwa Idi Ibagwa Inyi Enugu Ishi-Agu Ishi-Ugwu Ezike Iyionu Ndaoma Ngwunyi Ndioka Nsu Ibagwa Ogbodu Enugu Ogbufie Owerre Eze Owerri Ibagwa Ozzala Ugbaike Enugu Umuagru Umuchi Umuelo Umuopuagu, Abada Amagu Amaogodo Ame-Elugwu Ameti Amezike Okogwuma Umueze Umuinyere, Amutenyi Ibenda Iheakpu Nkpunato Odobido Ogwu Ohulor Okpaligbo Ugbabe-Uwani Umu-Azojo, Adda Ohule-Etiti Umuesuogwu Umuitedo Umuoleh Umuonyeku Umuosigide, Akpoo Ika-Agwu Onicha-Ogbodo Ukpu-Agba Unona-Ogbodo, Agu Orba Ajuona Amalla Amaoba Oham Ohebe-Orba Owerri Amagu Owerri-Ezeorba Owerri-Okpu Umu-Ugwu Umunkpume, Amaezike Amukwu Dinaigweze Dinneobe Ozalla Ubiakpo Ugwunani Umuavulu, Amaozalla Amofia Amokwu Ikono Inoyi Obinagu Afia Ogor Umukoloma, Ama-Ave Amagbo Amaofue Amaovellu Amauzalla Ogbugo Umudiekwon Umuogbo Umuugwu, Enugu Agu Ibuzor Idedu Obeagu Orji Umudim Umueze Uwani, Adukwu Amagu Eziania Omadi Omadi-Umenu Umavulu Umuezike, Amaozalla Anekeneze Okwum Umuanum Umudi Umuezenevo Umuokpalla Umuovu, Amankwo Eke Enugu-Eke Ogui Agu Eke Ogui Eki Oma Eke, Amabo Amachala Amankwo Ameke Enugu Etiti Ngwo Uno Okwojo Uboji Ukaka Umuase, Agagu Amenyi Amosuwo Diakuma Okpurio Ugwu-Uto Ugwuakulu Umuaka Umualor Umuezeani, Agballa Aguru Amutu Ihe Ihezegwuoke Ihonze Ilonze Isiubo Ntugevo Okinigbo Ujatta, Agbani Amofia Okpunyo Okunator Owa Umuaboshi Umuaneke Agwo Umuaneke Ugwu Umudike Umuota, Ama Egbu Ama-Agu Amachalla Amani-Okpatu Amaonugbu Amoka Amukwu Eziama Obiagu Umeneme Umuchime Umuene, Amagu Awkunanaw Eke Na Ene Umuezechime Umuoka, Adani Amabota Amaezu Amakpu Aseje Enugu-Eseachi Ibite Ikenga Ngodo Okofia, Amaji Enugu Amaji Imama Inewe Ogbuabala Omashi Ufiala Umunwe Umuokefi/Umuifi, Ububa/Imeama Umuaneke Umunnacha Umuokpala Unuonaga, Akpani Akpato Ama-Uwenu Amabor Amachara Amaowerri Edem Eziama Lett Okomaji Uwenu, Amadia Amaebu Amakpu Amangwu Ekpe Ikenga Umualia Umuonye, Amanyi Apapam Enugu Owereze Uba Umuogbogwu Uruku Uwenuokpe, Ama-Etiti Amaogbo Amaokwe Amoku Ibagwa Obunagu Ozulume Umedolu Umueze-Akwu Umuezeke Umuotugbo, Ajuona Akutala Eziama Iyiekeniga Ofesi-Okpu Onueke Uwenuakpa, Amaogbo Nkokpe Ohe Umugwuyama Umuinye Umunjom, Akpamaya Amogbo Ekwulu Isiyiareji Mgwoko Onu-Ofu-Owerre Onu-Ofu-Umuoma Opanda Ugwuijoro Ukpabi Unasi, Amaezike Nkpunator Ugwugo Ugwuonyishi Umuobira Uwani, Ajayigbo Ofumu Okpara Umuamuna Umudesue Umuoyo, Atida Nkanu Ofuegbe Okpotopu Onaja Ukpele, Umu-Ekeyi Umu-Ogbochi Umuame Umuasaba Umuitodo, Afokuje Ama-Ikwu Ama-Ogidi Amaiseke Asnienyi Enugu-Ada Isi-Uvuru Isiama Itakwuna Ngwokwa Nkpunator Orba Owenu-Ori Ujaju Umu-Asa Umuayo Umueze Umukpakar Uwani Uwani-Eriyi Uwenu-Onyishi, Achalla Oda Amufi Ugwudimu Umudi-Ugwu Umudingwuke Umueze Amunna Umueze-Amokwulu Umuezengwu Umumbosi Umuogu Umuonyia, Akiyi Akwunitor Amagu Amofu Amulu Enugu-Uwani Eziora Imama Mgbogbo Nkwelle Odida Ukpatu Umuezeugwu Umumasi Umuogene Uwani, Amono-Utokpu Inama Ogwu-Umudia Okasibi Ugbene Umuntu Utoamaka Uvuru-Ani.

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