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sunlight camper insulation

Denim: Also an organic-based, sustainable insulation option for your camper van. Just bear in mind that once you spray this and it dries, it’s like glue. The R-value is the unit of measurement used to determine the level of thermal (heat) resistance an insulating material has. Polyurethane spray foam comes in two varieties: the big spray kits that professionals use to insulate houses and the smaller cans of spray foam. This is really practical when it comes to using it for campervan insulation as it can be cut to shape and stuffed in hard to reach places. R-Tech InsulFoam: This combines elements from several of the other foam types and is actually what we used for our van.

They have the highest R-value per 25mm of any common insulation materials, they are super easy to work with, non-toxic, and they are not too costly. If you plan to stick purely to hot climates, then insulate it much more lightly.

You can find tinted versions that are measured specifically to your brand of RV or in similar dimensions. The beauty of sheep wool is it’s 100% natural, resistant to mould and mildew, and it can help with moisture and condensation. The energy required to produce sheep wool compared to manmade equivalents is tiny – as most of the energy required is used to wash the wool before use.

Most PIR boards also have a vapour barrier on either side to prevent the build-up of damp.

In this article, we will examine open-cell versus closed-cell foam and help you pick the best product for your campervan build.

Keeping your RV thoroughly insulated and using these tips can save you critical amp-hours.

Another excellent benefit is that these boards are unaffected by air infiltration, resistant to the passage of water vapour, and very easy to handle as the weight is minimal. Heat or steam is then applied to the mould, which causes the small beads to expand and fuse together. This will help make it easier to maintain the internal temperature of your campervan. Block foam is the preferred insulator for RVs for many reasons. We just need to wear slippers. Water is not its friend; rust is really the biggest killer of vans, especially older, non-coated ones. When used in combination with the insulation, it increased the R-value of the sidewalls. Use canned spray foam to fill all the nooks and crannies in the van as spray foam is excellent insulation. In a confined space like a van, however, it’s not a good idea because fiberglass insulation is known as particulate insulation. Campervan Insulation: A Super Handy Guide, Planning Your Campervan Conversion Layout. It will also have a huge benefit in keeping the van cool and creating a pleasant, ambient temperature. A facemask at least helps eliminate some of the major toxins. It insulates comparably to fiberglass but is more expensive. The liquid formed is then continuously extruded through a die that expands during the cooling process. By installing thicker insulation in your roof, this will help considerably slow down heat loss through convection. We hope this has helped you in all your van insulation endeavors. RV Insulation: Tricks for a More Comfortable Living Environment, Techniques Veteran RVers Use to Beat the Summer Heat.

Polyisocyanurate, known as PIR, is one of the most popular insulation materials available. Beelzebus: An Epic Mercedes 508d Campervan from Sweden, Man Builds Incredible Campervan Conversion Over 3-Month Lockdown, Rumi: The Most Beautiful Campervan On The Internet, Next-Gen by Outside Van: Brilliant Mercedes 4x4 Campervan, Nomad Vanz: Bodhi - Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 Campervan, Avtoros Shaman: The 4x4 Campervan for the End of the World, Faith: The Ultimate Mercedes Sprinter Campervan by, This 1980s GMC Vandura Concept Is The Van You Never Knew You Wanted, VanLife with Pets: 12 Couples Travelling with Pets, The Best Campervan Driveaway Awnings [2020],, everything you need to know about campervan ventilation, Next-Gen by Outside Van: Brilliant Mercedes 4×4 Campervan, Nomad Vanz: Bodhi – Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 Campervan, Why a Campervan Adventure Is The Perfect Post-Lockdown Holiday. Keeping your RV cool in the summer is becoming more of a concern as we see record-breaking temperatures. Use this to seal around your other insulation and to fill in the awkward pockets of the van, like the ribs. The most common rating for sidewalls is R7 insulation in RVs. If you want to do the absolute maximum when it comes to combatting high internal vehicle temperatures, using reflective foil cut-outs that sit inside your window frames will make a massive difference. VanLife Adventure is an online magazine created for adventurers who live and explore on the road.

If there are gaps, you can always just cut smaller pieces and fill them in, or use spray foam at the end. In the UK, Rockwool is also one of eight factories across the group that utilises rainwater harvesting for the process of water. This foam is designed to be resistant to both insects and moisture. This helps to reduce the internal temperature. 4) Insulate you camper van floor with Reflectix: Next we did the floor, basically lying out sheet of Reflectix and cutting it around the edges of the van.

That is why it is vital to use the correct protective equipment when installing fibreglass wool.

5) Insulate wheelwells: You’ll probably end up boxing off your wheelwells, so insulating them isn’t all that important for warmth, but it can help dampen the sound of your van. The last thing you’ll want to do is rip down the walls and cabinets to solve any toxic mold problems. Installing the correct insulation can slow down the process of heat transfer. touching something cold and feel your hand get cold). To stay comfortable in your campervan when the weather is hot outside, having an electric vent fan that can expel warm air from the ceiling and draw in the fresh air from outside is an essential feature for creating a comfortable internal climate. You won’t see the insulation, so save yourself the headache of thinking it has to be perfect. A four-inch space between two building materials has an R-value of 1.

External skirting, underlayment insulation sheets, and spray foam are some of the more popular options for insulating an RV's floor. Plus, it’s prone to mold and mildew with the natural condensation that will form in your van unless you completely seal it with a vapor barrier liner (VBL). Of course, a thicker board would yield an even higher R-Value, but then the air space between the insulation and the wall panels would be less and it would take up more interior space, which is why we recommend 1” thickness for any foam board insulation.
Polyisocyanurate (P.I.R.) Regarding a full internal installation, if you’re okay with the extra expense and installation process, then it can be the right choice. Condensation is a natural thing in your van, but it’s important to protect the metal body of your van from it. If applied properly, it also seals out moisture so condensation won’t build up between your metal walls and your insulation.

It’s very toxic and even with the mask, I’d be lying if I said I totally didn’t get a little high during this part.

We generally don’t recommend using fibreglass in your van for insulation. There are three types of heat transfer: radiation, conduction, and convection; Radiation is a method of heat transfer.

Also, as the internal space of your campervan is relatively small, breathing, cooking food and using natural gas will all produce moisture in the air.

We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. This is particularly amplified when exposed to the vibrations of a van.

Spare Reflectix pieces are great for this.
Sidewalls have compound R-values: RVs with Azdel shells are popular for those living the RV lifestyle in harsher climates. However, it can be hard to find and has a relatively low R-Value, meaning you would need to sacrifice a lot of space to use enough of it for it to be effective. The excellent news is Rockwool is entirely sustainable. Remember, hot always moves to cold. Radiant heat is primarily tied to van windows. Sidewalls can be between 5-10 and ceilings go as high as 20.

Silicone-based caulking is the optimal substance to use.

As for the price, XPS is cheaper than PIR foam boards but more expensive than EPS. That’s still no guarantee. In our case, we waited until we had installed the ceiling studs before fitting the insulating pieces in between the studs (though we has cut the pieces to size before even installing the floor insulation and subfloor). Block foam, fiberglass rolls, and spray foam. 1) Measure your surfaces: Start by determining the square footage of your van. It can be quite a challenge when it comes to choosing the right insulation material for your campervan build. Because of the way that convection works, when the van begins to warm up, the heat will naturally rise. Do you have any advice you would like to share with people who are about to take on their own insulation? It then causes the balloon to rise because of the trapped hot air. Likewise, in winter, flip your foil inserts around so now the shiny side is facing in, and this should help keep the heat from escaping the vehicle. One of the most notable examples of radiation heat transfer is the heat of the sun beaming down onto the earth. Copyright 2015 – 2020 © VanLife Adventure – Any reproduction without permission is prohibited. Experienced RVers have found them to be reliable enough to use regularly to decrease interior RV temperatures. The natural air pocket created by the rib will maximize the radiant heat barrier potential of the Reflectix. Mineral/Rock Wool: This hard-to-find form of insulation is basically recycled stone spun into fine fibers. The biggest problem you could run into down the road with your insulation is condensation and subsequent mold and mildew. (It’s basically the same stuff as typical Styrofoam.). Simply put, insulation will slow heat transfer. So, to keep it as simple as possible, here are some frequently asked questions when insulating a campervan. Traditional fiberglass insulation is the most common type of insulation, the default used in houses and traditional building.

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