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p and o class submarines

All steelwork within the battery compartments is lined with rubber to protect the metal from attack by acid, and also all conducting material is insulated to prevent risks of electric shock. M.D. on the port side of the control room.

In July 2011, Olympus was towed to a scrapyard in Port Maitland, Ontario, with Okanagan to be delivered to the same scrapyard in August 2011.

Odin Group: Royal Navy (more on Royal Navy) HMS Odin (N 84) Lost on Jun 1940: HMS Olympus (N 35) Lost on 8 May 1942: HMS Orpheus (i) (N 46) …

Otherwise same as above.


The submarines were equipped with a type 1002 surface search and navigation radar, a type 187 active-passive attack sonar, and a type 2007 long-range passive sonar. The battery compartments are sealed to prevent gases escaping into the submarine, or salt water entering, which inside a battery would cause the release of poisonous chlorine gas. [16][17] On 11 April 1962, the purchase was announced in the House of Commons of Canada by the Minister of National Defence, Douglas Harkness.

Displacement: 1311 / 1831 BRT

It was replaced by the Mark 9 4 inch (102 mm)/50 caliber gun in 1943-44, in most cases removed from an S-boat being transferred to training duty.[15]. The bow caps and shutters are mechanically linked to a hydraulically operated drive rod from within the torpedo compartment. [5] Glass-reinforced plastic was used in construction of the casing. For submerged propulsion, massive storage batteries supplied electricity to the motors.

The Porpoise class consisted of the following three subclasses: Following participation in exercises from 1937, all but three of the ten Porpoise class were forward deployed to the Philippines in late 1939. Due to the American entry into World War I the O class were built much more rapidly than previous classes, and were all commissioned in 1918. The generator has one pedestal bearing fed with oil from the diesel engine lubrication supply and is fitted with an internal heater to prevent condensation when not running. The Porpoise class were submarines built for the United States Navy in the late 1930s, and incorporated a number of modern features that would make them the basis for subsequent Salmon, Sargo, Tambor, Gato, Balao, and Tench classes.

submarines is highly colourful. Wahoo (SS-238), McDaniel, J.T. [citation needed] Ojibwa opened for public tours in July 2013.

Thomas photo. Only D/E boat The goal of a 21-knot fleet submarine that could keep up with the standard-type battleships was still elusive. Beginning in 1957, Canada began looking at acquiring submarines to replace the training 6th Submarine Division[10] provided by the Royal Navy at Halifax, Nova Scotia.

[14][15] In March 1962, Cabinet recommended the purchase of three Oberons and eight frigates, on the condition that the cost of acquiring the submarines from the United Kingdom would be offset by British defence purchases in Canada.

It was removed back at Portsmouth.[9].

Cooling water is fed through pipes attached to the electrode connectors to prevent overheating and the battery temperature is monitored. The tube internal diameter is 22.5 in, wider than the torpedo, which is designed as a loose fit inside the tube.

Thomas photo. OBERON Class submarine: The OBERON class was a follow-on to the earlier PORPOISE class, and they appeared almost identical.

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