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aoc c24g1

The panel border blends in seamlessly when the monitor is switched off, but is more clearly visible if lighter content is displayed on the screen. It might be left in a safe place or there will be details on how to pick up your order or rearrange delivery. Elsewhere recorded brightness was between 0 – 10% of the brightest point, with an average deviation between each quadrant at the brightest point of 6%. The AOC’s headline feature is AMD FreeSync, is a welcome addition. It only works if you have an AMD graphics card – if you’re using Nvidia, the screen will run at a peak refresh rate of 144Hz, but it won’t be synchronised with the GPU. The stand attaches using a quick-release bracket mechanism and can be easily released using the button beneath the attachment point. In photos or videos of the monitor it is easy to think that this curve is going to give a distorted or odd viewing experience. Input lag was also low, so no particular issue there. Using the MBR (Motion Blur Reduction) setting causes the backlight to flicker at a frequency matching the refresh rate – with 100Hz, 120Hz and 144Hz selectable. At 60Hz, shown above, the UFO appears soft and unfocused. The highest white luminance recorded on this table was 273 cd/m², whilst the lowest white luminance was a fairly dim 48 cd/m². That’s by far the most popular panel technology for gaming monitors at the moment – especially those at lower prices, or those designed for esports. There was a significant increase in perceived blur and a worsening ‘connected feel’ regardless of the technology. Ideally matching it perfectly. Most users will probably wish to enable VSync when using FreeSync to ensure that they don’t get any tearing. The greyscale gradient appeared with minor banding, although this was mainly caused by the ICC profile and such observations are typical when a monitor is profiled.

Brightness= 65 (according to preferences and lighting), The average contrast ratio with only brightness adjusted was 3159:1, excluding at ‘0%’ brightness where black point was lower than our instrument could accurately measure. With FreeSync disabled, even slight dips below this resulted in obvious (to us) tearing if VSync was off or stuttering if VSync was on. The greyscale gradient appeared with minor banding, although this was mainly caused by the ICC profile and such observations are typical when a monitor is profiled. In practice, though, there are some transitions which introduce much more noticeable overshoot than shown for these transitions. delivery. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. This is typical for VA panels and related to perceived gamma changes. We also introduce a photography technique called ‘pursuit photography’, which uses a moving camera to capture motion on a monitor in a way that reflects both the pixel responsiveness and eye (camera) movement. This was not as obvious or extensive as on some VA models, such as the, Given how extensive the analysis was above and the fact that a very broad range of pixel transitions was assessed, we don’t have much else to add from the perspective of high frame rate game content. Moving your head whilst observing the blocks introduced an ‘oil slick’ effect, whereby slight head movement or movement of the blocks around on the screen would cause brightness and tone to shift readily in a sort of ‘shimmering’ fashion. VSync is configured in the ‘Gaming’ section of ‘Radeon Settings’, where it is referred to as ‘Wait for Vertical Refresh’. Whilst increasing refresh rate clearly reduces the perceived blur due to eye movement, the monitor has another trick up its proverbial sleeves in that respect. The curve Styling is always subjective, but we found the unfussy and fairly low-key look quite appealing. A little ‘break-up’ trailing remains in places, but it’s quite constrained and not particularly common. Colour gamut (Samsung C24FG70, for comparison).

Gamma tracking strayed from ‘2.2’ target without an ICC profile and colour gamut more limited than some models To help maximise accuracy, over 30 repeat readings were taken. Again, typical for VA models.

The monitor was tested at 60Hz (directly below), 100Hz and 144Hz with the following ‘Overdrive’ settings; ‘Off’, ‘Weak’, ‘Medium’ and ‘Strong’. Although the frame rate remained a significant limiting factor, particularly where the camera panned across scenes. The monitor provided quite a rich and varied palette of colours.

Colour gamut (Samsung C24FG70, for comparison) Elsewhere matte black plastics are used. We found the ‘Reading’ mode to be quite an effective LBL setting.

This was not something we really noticed much when playing games and it’s certainly easier to spot in tests designed to specifically highlight the issue. Conclusion With MBR enabled, at 100Hz (above) you can see a decrease in perceived blur due to eye movement even when compared to 144Hz with the technology deactivated. The second graphic shows the native colour gamut of the Samsung C24FG70, for comparison. Plus, you get all those lovely extras like a height-adjustable stand and a super smooth 144Hz refresh rate, all without spending over £200 / $200. This did give a slight improvement to that feeling of ‘extra depth’ and being drawn in a little more to the experience, but ultimately the curve remained a subtle addition.

144fps), the monitor provided an excellent ‘connected feel’. This was particularly true where they were set against the darker background, with the strong contrast of the screen combining with the colour characteristics of the panel to lift those shades out in a way simply not seen on competing TN models. This reflects a significant decrease in perceived blur due to eye movement.

LOCAL DISTRIBUTORS. Often with FreeSync models you get significantly increased overshoot introduced at lower frame rates, particularly as you dip well into the double digits. If fully installed, AMD drivers feature Radeon Settings, which makes activation of the technology very simple and something that usually occurs automatically. There are again varying degrees of trailing behind the object.

And compared to TN models, especially vertically, there’s simply no comparison.


And competitive gamers who like to game at high refresh rates with minimal perceived blur could well enjoy this feature. The ‘Strong’ setting again helped to minimise perceived blur at the expense of adding overshoot. Aoc c24g1 24 inch curved VA 144hz monitor I switched from a 75hz ips lg 24 inch monitor to this and 144hz is a different experience provided your gpu can push the frames. It does not do this to anywhere near the same extent that ‘IPS glow’ would.

This increases brightness as explored earlier in the review, but as demonstrated here also decreases motion clarity. We made changes to brightness and colour channels to improve the overall balance of the image. Delivery costs: from £0.00 . Input lag That’s because the ‘Medium’ setting or anything lower was simply too slow. We also ran our Blu-ray test titles and didn’t observe any real stand-out weaknesses when using either overdrive setting. Out of the box the monitor was fairly bright, although not obnoxiously so for a moderately well-lit room. 144fps), the monitor provided an excellent ‘connected feel’. Fortunately, the ‘Medium’ setting on this monitor provided a good experience in this respect even as frame rate dropped significantly.

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