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acer nitro xv273k review

The only way to run adaptive sync and HDR simultaneously on this monitor is with a stout AMD graphics card and FreeSync. Acer Nitro XV273K review: HDR performance To test the panel’s HDR performance I used a single DisplayPort 1.4 cable, ran the monitor at 120Hz 4K … NY 10036. Please refresh the page and try again. ), I keep my keyboard rotated within a 45-to-60-degree angle on the desk relative to the plane of the screen. Despite my appreciation for that fact that Acer includes a joystick on the back of the Nitro XV3 to navigate its onscreen display (seriously, monitor makers, wise up; this is the only way to go), the menu itself was sluggish during general operation. But if not, we recommend saving up just a bit longer and looking into the company's $1,199 Predator XB3 monitor instead. But now, thanks to Nvidia’s new software implementation of G-Sync, it’s possible to run some FreeSync monitors with an Nvidia graphics card, like our Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti. If you're not planning on playing in complete darkness and don't mind making some moderate refresh-rate sacrifices at the higher end of the scale during 4K play, shelling out $899.99 just might be worth it. And even then, why does the monitor lose its HDR and G-Sync capabilities? For SDR signals, one should use the sRGB color mode, but unfortunately, it has below-average grayscale tracking and can’t be calibrated. Viewsonic VG2732M review-LCD monitor review. And its lack of support for core features such as HDR and G-Sync when running at 4K resolution and 144Hz keep this 27-inch monitor from breaking away in all the ways we hoped it would. If you want to enable a 144Hz refresh rate, you’ll need to connect two DisplayPort cables, then turn on the option in the second screen of the System menu. Once you get it to your liking, it will stay put. The HDR option also includes an HDR400 setting that boosted output to over 500 nits. Once this is installed, we simply turned on the FreeSync option in the Gaming menu, and the G-Sync option appeared in the Nvidia control panel. In fact, we were stunned by how sharp and detailed the environment looked. The bezels are small enough on this panel, but they don't leave room for speakers. Both those monitors, as well as the Acer Predator XB273K, can run at a reliable 144Hz while delivering a super-sharp pixel density of 163 pixels per inch (ppi) at 4K resolution. Honestly, why do people even go for monitors with HDR 400, the spec does not have zone brightness, only HDR 600 and up do. The Nitro XV3 also includes some staple gaming features, such as the option to add a hardware-based crosshair (three styles to choose from) on the screen. Both of these hurt what would otherwise be a great gaming experience with a PC rocking an appropriate graphics card. A cheaper option would be the LG 27MP59G-P 27″ Gaming Monitor, which offers 4K resolution and AMD FreeSync. There was a problem. He brings his experience benchmarking and reviewing consumer gadgets and PC hardware such as laptops, pre-built gaming systems, monitors, storage, and networking equipment to the team. Acer also offers the Predator XB273K for around $1,200. Well, here in 2019, every 4K 144Hz gaming display on the market at the start of the year still ran you $1,200, minimum—at least, until the Acer Nitro XV3 came along. Compare this monitor with our Viotek GN27D review if you’re not sure which to choose for your next monitor. Acer Nitro XV3 (XV273K) review Acer’s new Nitro XV3 is its most affordable 4K 144Hz gaming panel yet By Jeremy Laird 29 July 2019 When not writing, he can be found relaxing and watching movies or traveling. Acer had an admirable goal with the release of its Nitro XV3 4K/144Hz display: to bring the price of these luxury panels—which, as of this writing, didn't go lower than $1,199 in any other like model—into the realm of affordability for more gamers. Glistening sweat almost made us squint, thanks to the Nitro’s high brightness. The panel does have a set, though. Although, it would’ve been great if you didn’t need to connect two displayport cables and disable HDR/G Sync/FreeSync to attain the 144Hz refresh. In doing so, though, Acer did some corner-cutting, leading to some serious backlight-bleed issues as well as the lack of HDR and G-Sync/FreeSync support at 144Hz. Settings would take a second or two to apply, switching between inputs was poky, and overall, the experience could have been a bit smoother to deal with. This might work for some content, but in general it altered color and contrast unacceptably. During PC Labs' testing of the HP Omen X Emperium 65 BFGD, we found that running at 4K and 144Hz with HDR and G-Sync active at the same time was not only possible, but it could all be done over a single DisplayPort 1.4 cable. Windows also benefits from the HDR effect. Or are those extra milliseconds of refresh more important than the benefits you would gain in a multiplayer arena from G-Sync? However, the Nitro XV273K’s HDR mode is still an improvement over SDR. Because connecting both to an appropriate graphics card will give you the full 10-bit signal depth for 3840x2160 resolution at 144Hz.

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