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Experience with all types of adobe: Historical Unstabilized Stabilized: asphalt, cement, & others Experience with adobe design and construction. Quemados usually test higher in compression (about 550 psi) than their original raw form (about 300 psi).”. I used a two gallon deck sprayer to apply to product. The concept behind building with adobe is that adobe walls have enough thermal mass to absorb heat during the day and release it at night thus keeping the home at a fairly stable temperature year round. Your email address will not be published. !”, ****** Nor would I be fooled by their seeming persuasive arguments that their product is one that deeply penetrates into the surface of the material and creates a permanent barrier for water. The stucco is old and cracked. I was hoping you’d translate 1-2 paragraphs for a blog post. “Tucson, in Pima County Arizona, has about 15% of all the burnt adobe homes built in the US from the 1960s through the 80s. The structure is in good shape but I like the look of burnt adobe. For example, it is common for companies to claim that once you use their products on their brick or concrete that you will never have to treat that surface again; you will have permanently waterproofed that area and you will never have to worry about it again. Five stars for this service.”, ****** Thanks! In many cases they were used as a coping on the top of a raw adobe wall to stop moisture incursion from rain and snow. Some make incredible claims. This method has never caught on in a big way as far as I know. google_ad_height = 60; According to Quentin Wilson, the adobe specialist at, when asked about a “burnt adobe” house in Tucson, Arizona, he said, “Chances are that the quemados were made in Sasabe, Mexico not to far over the border. The passion and expertise of the founders continues today, as our facility has evolved and relocated two hours north to Scottsdale on the banks of the Salt River. I would be suspicious of purchasing any product claimed to permanently stop moisture from penetrating the surface of your brick or adobe. SILOX Adobe Water Repellents are formulated specifically for adobe and rammed earth. Or, you may email me at:, SILOX Anti-dust Formulation: for adobe and rammed earth, Application of SILOX Adobe/ Rammed Earth Water Repellents, Silox (Original) Adobe and Rammed Earth Water Repellent,,, Please read more about this in the pages of the drop down list (or click here) under this heading. Burnt adobe walls are lighter and yellowish. Taking it off only makes sense. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The ability of this material to breathe is more critical than a burnt adobe. A burnt adobe has been fired in a kiln and this process itself imparts some water repellency to the brick. Then we provide you with an estimate and time-line for completion. I will definitely use this product again. Thriving Sustainably with Earthbag Building and Other Practical Solutions. They made kilns with a vault of unmortared adobes stacked loose. Roy was very helpful and informative. Thank you. I need to replace a small number of burnt adobe bricks following plumbing repair. Don Heckerman 3445 Calle del Prado Tucson, Here in Southern Mexico they use coconut shells… very basic production tech, labor intensive, poor working conditions,Quality is not bad. These claims go so far to say that even basements can be waterproofed by using their water-based products. He gave me excellent advice, and the seal is performing as advertised. The majority of adobe work in Tucson is from bricks, other construction types are covered by our team as well. The intense heat and sun, lack of shade and humidity that are common in the summer months of a desert environment, are true game changers for the manufacturing claims of most of these companies that only test their products in climates that are not subjected to the severe environmental challenges we face here. Raw adobes were placed inside and then a huge fire was built at one end and the flames and hot gasses went down the kiln to a chimney at the other end. I wonder what fuel source is used to fire them? Before starting the project, Rudy will first assess your goals. Low-fired bricks (much smaller than adobes) are still made in Mexico. This is particularly true for unstabilized mud adobe homes. BRICK PATIOS . The adobes that had formed the vault were then stacked to be the next batch to be fired – a very clever technique on the part of the Mexicans. I am very pleased with the results. He loves the product! Welcome! (I would have loved to have used a five gallon sprayer had I thought it wouldn’t affect my back.). Additional colors may be available for this profile, please contact us for more information. ***** When they test their products, they are not testing them in the harsh desert environments like what we have in Tucson, Phoenix, or Yuma.

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