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Signs That You Are Not a Good People Manager

You don’t remember your team’s names (upto a reasonable number of people! I’m talking more about the early stages of scaling your business).

You mispronounce your team’s names.

You cancel meetings with your team.

You don’t turn up for meetings with your team.

You don’t acknowledge good work.

You struggle to accept other people’s ideas if they differ to your own.

You don’t remember what you asked people to do.

You ask different people to do the same work (without telling anyone or even realising it yourself).

You confuse people.

You don’t give clear direction.

You don’t communicate at an all-staff level. Read why this is important.

Everyone else must come to work on time but you can arrive and leave any time, just because you are the boss.


Specific Examples I have Come Across with Early Stage Entrepreneurs

You won’t buy a first aid kit for the office, yet everyone knows you spent hundreds of dollars the previous night on cocktails at a staff night out.

You say times are hard and you cannot give increases but you fly first class, all the time.

You ask the team to clean the office rather than paying for a cleaner.

You ask the team to clean the office whilst everyone knows that a family member is on the payroll to clean but rarely turns up.

You forget it’s the annual staff appraisal day, where you are due to meet with your direct reports one to one for 45 minutes, all day. Its been in the calendar a long time and people are keen to review their performance and packages.

You have a new senior manager joining the team, reporting directly into you. You arrive in the office at midday, smelling of beer and looking hungover.


Good people managers are hard to find. If you have any, treasure them. They will get the most out of people. In my experience, they are born not made.

Note it doesn’t have to be you.  Get over it. Just focus on growing your business with the right people around you.


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