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I’m a start-up business expert for founders looking to start and scale their businesses.


It’s been my lifelong passion to help entrepreneurs translate their vision, explain their products and benefits, differentiate them from competitors,  and tell their story in a way that their chosen target audience can understand, and ultimately choose to buy from.

Learn more about my background.

Denise on stage speaking at Google’s Entrepreneur Week.


Based on my knowledge and expertise,  I advise you what to do.

This works best if you want input on strategic growth initiatives, a specific subject, a challenge or an idea.

Excellent practical advice.  Direct and pragmatic and down to earth pointers and advice.

Very clever and down to common sense,  devoid of  jargon, very focused.


Denise and I worked together at DIT Hothouse from 2002 to 2014. As Manager of the Centre I contracted Denise to facilitate, coach and advise our groups of startup CEOs in the areas of market research and marketing. Denise had tremendous ideas and was a huge support to our entrepreneurs, in fact time and time again she went over and above what was expected of her to help the companies attain their goals; she has had a hugely positive impact on the Hothouse Alumni companies.

Bernadette O’Reilly,  Innovation Centre Manager, DIT Hothouse


I will guide you, through asking questions and challenging you, so you come up with an appropriate way forward for you and your business.

This works best if you want a trusted, confidential expert who has no other agenda than to act in your best interests, and who is separate to your management team or board.


I learnt more from you in 6 months than I did in whole of the previous 6 years.

Ronan Clarke, Founder,

I found the meeting very useful.  You have a great meeting style … structured but relaxed feeling.

Colin F, xsynergy

Excellent day – I view these days as good if I can make one change  – today I will be making four.

Kevin O’Loughlin, Founder,


This is a high-touch 6 month programme. I only accept 8 founders or CEOs onto each programme, as time will not allow me work in this way with more numbers.

Cost = €10,000

What do you get for this ?

What do I need from you ?

How It Works ?

Step 1 – Exploratory call for each of us to determine if this is likely to work.

Step 2 – Coaching Programme commences with an induction to the industry and company with specific objectives being identified with potential outcomes agreed.

Step 3 – Bi-weekly calls (max 1 hour)

Step 4 – Monthly revenue

Step 5 – etc

Please complete the contact form to enquire about this programme. Please provide some information about your objectives and expectations. If I believe I can assist you, let’s arrange a call to explore our mutual fit.


I will review your business plans and give you feedback.

This works best if you want to sanity check your plan with an experienced and trusted advisor who is  unfamiliar with your business and / or industry, or if you need to submit your final business plan to a bank or investor.


Denise’s special skill is in identifying an organisation’s strategic strengths and then delivering a workable implementation plan to deliver on these. She understands the power of market data and its ability to deliver revenue growth. Denise is a rare find; a stand-out commercial executive, an entrepreneur and a strategic thinker.

Ann-marie Phelan, Enterprise and Innovation Manager, MediaCube, Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology


Denise is an experienced speaker to groups of start-ups and business owners. If you want a practical speaker with a proven track record of business growth, get in touch.


I enjoy group workshops. My style is direct and interactive. I speak in plain english not business jargon. Participants will leave with practical tips and action plans.


“Denise Doran’s clinics and training sessions have consistently been singled out by the entrepreneurs leading the start up companies on the Genesis Enterprise Programme for her excellence in providing comprehensive, practical learning on all aspects of marketing. Moreover, Denise has always been remarkable in her generous support outside engagements in responding to their company specific situations as they arise.”

Denise Kennedy, Genesis Enterprise Programme, Cork