A little bit about me


I’m Irish.  We escaped city life and moved to a small town by the sea where we enjoy coastal walks, year round sea-swimming and kayaking. I accept I will never be a surfer but bodyboarding is huge fun!  I love my rescue dog Tara,  a street dog from the Caribbean with a bad back leg who loves chasing and being chased. I like Guinness and chocolate (not at the same time) and European drama box sets.

My biggest buzz though, is from working with stimulating people with interesting products or ideas who want to start and scale their business.  It’s a passion as well as my career.

My career can be summarised in 3 sections :

-I learnt from the best with in 3 of the world’s top multinational companies at the time, for a total of 12 years in London, Dublin and Paris.  That is where I learnt how corporates work and how to do things properly.  These foundation years in Strategic Planning and Marketing gave me a lifelong love of business.

– Next, I went out on my own where I mentored, trained, lectured and consulted over 1000 high tech start-ups, usually through incubators and entrepreneur hubs. From this decade long experience, I grew to hugely admire founders. They tend to be brave, smart, passionate and interesting people. What’s not to like ? Even more, I realised I could help them on their business journey. It was buzzy, challenging and personally fulfilling.

– Towards the end of this period, I was envious of being on the outside of so many start-ups when I was itching to jump in and make things happen. When one of those start-ups asked me to join, I did’n’t hesitate. I worked side by side with the founder full time for 5 years and loved every minute of it. Within a year of me joining this incubator stage, pre-funding start-up, we won Start Up of the Year and revenue increased ten fold.

Now I want to continue to share my experience and lessons and success stories with founders all over the world.

How can I help you?